Franco Murer was born in Falcade (Belluno) in 1952. In the early years he was sensitively influenced by his father Augusto: he learned to refine a taste for forms and plasticity of the subject. Later on Murer deepened his research into his own expressive means, confirming himself in one-man shows and collections of more and more increasing importance. His artistic personality revealed itself early: he received the silver medal (he was second in the national field) at the student`s show in Campidoglio (Rome), that was organized by the "Giornale d`Italia". He moved to Venice for his studies, attended Alberto Viani`s courses and graduated in 1974 at the Academy of Fine Arts. He currently lives and works in Falcade.
"Franco Murer - as Orfeo Vangelista says - had no difficulty in verifying, first of all in his familiar sphere, his natural bent for expressing himself through plastic and figurative forms and later for becoming a part of that wider cultural climate (of the seventies), that yet keeps two gravitation poles: the juvenile state of ferment of the lagoon-city and his father`s civil and humanistic engagement.
Franco Murer and the creative cycle "Franco Murer is a perfect example of the paradoxical conception of temporality and of how myth and reason can come together in a personal and stimulating amalgam. Murer is certainly a mythical painter, but his modern mythology is the result of an individual journey through reason and not a mere reflection of an unknown and borrowed inspiration". So says Paolo Levi in the introduction of Franco Murer's catalogue. "The human figure," says Maurizio Zanon in his piece, " finds its most concrete realisation in Murer's work, above all the feminine figure of multiple faces, treated with extreme strength and at the same time with original delicacy". But this painter also has a great deal of the majesty and the mystery of nature. In fact Mario Rigoni Stern wrote "Murer's woods are the woods of our antique mountains, where our mountain ancestors found life and survival. With signs and colours he gives us images of woods which starting from the first forms of existence, bring us to the most fabulous myth of ancient wiseness: the tree man".

Franco Murer
Augusto and Franco Murer in the Studio in Falcade.
Augusto and Franco Murer in the Studio in Falcade.
Franco Murer.
Augusto and Franco Murer in the Studio in Falcade.
  1973 His first one-man show was presented in the art gallery "La Cornice" of Belluno and then he took part in the International graphic art exhibition of Imola.

1974 He presented a works-cycle in some art galleries: "Bottega del Quadro" of Feltre (presented by Tono Zancanaro) , "Galleria d'Arte Comtemporanea" of Pieve di Cadore, "Galleria d'Arte 13" of Reggio Emilia and "ADAC "of Modena.
He took part in the graphic show at the "Palazzo Trecentesco del Grano" in Chioggia and got a prize at a Contest for young European artists in Turin.

1975 He exibited again in the Contemporary art gallery of Pieve di Cadore. His work was exhibited in the art gallery "La Roda" of Rovigo.
He took part in the Mazzacurati prize in Teramo, in the X Quadriennal National Art Exhibition "La Nuova Generazione" in the show building of Rome.
He presented his unpublished lithographies at the show "La Litografia del Busato" in the Civic Museum of Vicenza.

1976 He prepared one-man shows in the art gallery "Velasquez" of Milan, the "Artistic Circle" of Cortina d'Ampezzo (BL), the "Contemporary Art-Gallery" of Pieve di Cadore (BL), the Art-Gallery "la Cornice" of Belluno and Amos Rossi presented Franco in the catalogue. In the Studio Murer, located in Falcade (BL), Spartaco Marangoni, Vice-President of the Venetia Province, presented the exhibition "The hardships of civilization".
Franco Murer realized with other artists in "La Bottega di Busato" a graphic-works folder "Returns of a murdered Poet", an homage to Federico Garcìa Lorca, with a Franco Zagato`s text and also a new catalogue printed by "Nuova Sentieri Editore".
Franco Murer took part in an art exhibition for the political prisoners in Iran at the Civic Gallery of Padua and the gallery "Il Ponte di Scandicci".

1974 - Reggio Emilia: Inauguration Ceremony of the Art exhibition in the "Art-Gallery 13".
Franco with his father Augusto, the Journalist Ulisse Gilioli, the Manager of an Art Gallery Bagni and the Film Director Cesare Zavattini.

1977 - Teramo: Inauguration Ceremony of the Art exhibition in the "Modern Art-Gallery".
Franco with Tono Zancanaro, Carla and Pasquale Limoncelli.
Augusto and Franco in the Studio in Falcade.
Augusto and Franco Murer in the studio.

1977 He prepared three one-man shows in the "Modern Art Gallery" of Teramo (Introduction by Tono Zancanaro and Mario Monteverdi), the art gallery "Nuova Medusa " of Bologna (introduction by Ernesto Treccani) and "La Bottega d'Arte" of Cortina d'Ampezzo (BL) (introduction by Dino Villani).

1978 He prepared further one-man shows in Nereto (TE) (Municipal Administration) in the art gallery "Il Centro " of Ancona (Ulisse Gilioli introduced the art exhibition) and at the "Expo Arte" of Bari.
He exhibited for the first time in foreign Countries, in Geneva in the art gallery " Foresto".
He experimented in Castelli (Teramo) with the ceramics tecnique togheter with his father Augusto, Tono Zancanaro and the painter Pescatori.
The Manager of an art gallery Pasquale Limoncelli, promoter of this meeting, organized the Ceramic Art exhibition at his art gallery in Teramo.

1979 He realized a folder with five etchings for the Corpo e Fiore Editor, Venice - Rome which was presented by Mario Monteverdi.
He made one-man shows in the art gallery "La Ginestra" of Recanati, the "Arredamont "of Longarone (BL) and in the "Corbo e Fiore" printing-house in Venice.
His work was exhibited at the "Expo Arte" of Bari and at the show "The Figurative Art in the early Eighties, an occasion for a meeting", organized by the chairmanship of the Province Council of Campania.
In the art gallery "Il Sole" of Feltre (BL) he presented "The flashes of shots" (Appollinaire's death), a cycle of works, collected in a book by Castaldi Editor of Feltre (BL).
Mario Monteverdi presented, the first Franco Murer`s monographic publication, published by Nuova Sentieri Editore, in which there were 65 art-works of the first operative quinquennium of the Artist (1973- 1978), included some wood and painted terra-cotta sculptures.

1980 He presented some one-man shows in several art galleries: "Il Patio" of Ravenna, the "San Giuseppe" of Bologna and abroad (Switzerland) at the art gallery "Au Vieux Villeneuve" (introduction by Otello Pagliarani), the "Galerie De l'Atelier" of Neuchatel, and the "Salle Saint-Georges" of St. Imier (presented by Dino Villani).
He took part in the show "The Eruption of the Vesuvius"; catalogue of the Local Tourist Office of Pompei.
He elaborated the cover of Giuseppe Gaddi`s book "La Spasema", Nuova Sentieri Editore.

1977 - Belluno.
Augusto and Franco with the poet Rafael Alberti. (Lithograph "Homage to Federico Garcìa Lorca")
1979 - Feltre.
Opening of the art exhibition in the art gallery "Al Sole". Introduced "The Flashes of shots" (Appollinaire's death).
Franco with Gino Possiedi, Silvio Garnieri, Ernesto Treccani and Mario Morales.
1979 - Benodet,
Appollinaire's death.
Oil on canvas, cm 230x180
  1981 He prepared some one-man shows in the following art galleries: "G 20" of Macerata, "La Torre" of Mantua (presented by William Tode and Mario Cattafesta), "Cavallino Bianco" of Suzzara (Mantua), Academy of Belluno and Modern Arts Academy of Teramo.
The Municipal Administrations of Finale Emilia and Mirandola, exhibited in the "Culture-room" and in the "Council-room" the works of art collected in the Volume "On the Boats of Bènodet", "Il Bulino" art editions, presented by Mario Rigoni Stern, Luigi Mattei and Mauro Bini.
He realized a graphic art folder for the Appia Association on the occasion of the 24th Provincial Congress of Belluno.
His works appeared in the catalogues and in the art exhibitions: "The Art for the Resistance", Polironiano Museum, in San Benedetto Pò, Municipal Seat "Poggio Rusco", engraving editions "Corbo e Fiore", Bevilacqua-La Masa Foundation, Venice; "La Bottega del Busato, litografia e calcografia in Vicenza", Simens-Contarini's villa, Piazzola sul Brenta (Padua).
That was a very important year for Franco Murer`s artistic formation. About the "Cycle of the woods", Mario Rigoni Stern wrote binding notes: "Giotto's tree is vast and shaking as a mistical forest, and such remains the memory of those who saw the "Scorvegni's Frescos"; instead Franco Murer's woods are our woods of the ancient Mountain, where the mountain ancestors drew their life and survival... Through signs and colours he gives us images of woods that starting from the early forms of light-life existence bring us to the most fabulous myth of the ancient wisdom: to the wood-men".
While William Tode (speaking about the Apollinaire`s cycle and the big picture "The Time is jagged space") underlines for the first time the existence in Franco Murer's Art of a connection between Painting and Music ("Scansion of chromatic, drawing and composing accords").

1981 - Mantua.
A meeting with the President of the Italian Republic, Sandro Pertini.
1982 - Ferrara. Work presented at the one-man show "The Men and the Surrounding" at the "Palazzo dei Diamanti". 1983 - Milan.
Mario Monteverdi presented the art exhibition to the Rizzoli Art, in the art gallery "Vittorio Emanuele". Franco with Ursula Petrone, the Manager of an art gallery.

1982 He presented some one-man shows in several art galleries: "Piccinini" of Cortina d'Ampezzo (BL), "Sant'Angelo" of Venice (presented by Salvatore Maugeri), "Gigli" of Mestre (Venice), "Lo Scrigno" of Treviso, "Il Voltone" of Reggio Emilia, "Studio 5" of Bologna.
Franco Solmi and Marilena Pasquali presented a cycle of works entitled "The Men and the Environment" at the "Centre of visual activity" of the "Palazzo dei Diamanti" of Ferrara.
He took part in the itinerant show "An Homage to Palladio" in the Sovietic Union, organized by the Italy-U.S.S.R. Association and at invitation at the show "I Murales" in Gardone Riviera (BS).

1983 He realized some one-man shows in some art galleries: "Al Corso" of Trieste , "Arte Italia" of Asiago (VI), "La Cornice" of Belluno, "Saletta Gries" of Bolzano, "Rizzoli Arte" art gallery Vittorio Emanuele, Milan, "at the Art meeting" in the Congress-hall in Rosolina Mare.
He took part in the "Art-fair" of Bologna, the "Expo Arte" of Bari, the "International art exhibition of the Provinces in Italy" of Rome, in the show of "The Art and the Press" of Abano Terme (PD),(catalogue published by the editor Francisci), in the art exhibition "Memory, Rebuilding, Participation" in Longarone (BL). He painted "The Gold of the Rhine", inspired to Wagner`s works. The cycle, collected in the 3rd volume "Le cortèege d'Orphee" ("Il Bulino" art editions, Modena) was presented by Carlo Federico Teodoro and displayed at the studio of "Il Bulino" of Modena and in the art gallery "Città di Reggio", Reggio Emilia.

1984 New paintings and drawings of the cycle of "The Gold of the Rhine" of Wagner`s work were displayed in some one-man shows in: the "Studio Ariele" of Vicenza, the "Municipal Art-Gallery" of Oristano, the "Petrofil Gallery" of Milan, the "Rizzoli Arte" of Matera and Potenza, the "Arte Italia" of Asiago (VI), the "Galleria Magazzino del Sole" of Viareggio (in the catalogue a critical assay by Paolo Rizzi). At the "Leonardo Arte" of Rome he exposed "Melody in the time", a series of works collected in a catalogue and presented by Riccardo Barletta.
He took part in the "Arte Fiera" in Bologna, in the "Expo Arte" of Bari, in the show of Contemporary Art at "St. Theodore's Big School" in Venice, in the show "From Getsemani Garden to Resurrection", Mestre (VE). He moulded the medal for the Association for the diffusion of the artistic work in occasion of the art exhibition of the "twenty years". Printed in 150 exemplaries in bronze, 10 in silver, 5 in gold; this work of art was reproduced in the catalogue-cover, printed in Modena.
In Paris , in "Rue Montpanasse", he knew Mourlot, Picasso, Mirò and Chagall`s printer. For Franco Murer it was a big emotion to draw the plates and to print his lithographies in his atelier. And again in Paris with the editor Mauro Bini in the "Grand Palais" in front of Watteau`s pictures, a painter of compositions in the open spaces, of a painting that exalts life celebrating itself, that gave the idea of the "Hortus Deliciarum" that exalts the myth of the eternal youth. He presented this new cycle of works at the "Artistic Circle" of Bologna and collected them in a catalogue of the Art editions "Il Bulino" with a text by Maria Grazia Accorsi.

1984 - Paris.
Franco Murer with Jacques Mourlot and Mauro Bini.
1983 - Alberich.
"The Gold of the Rhine" (Wagner) Oil on canvas, cm 150x115 - 1983.
"Melody on the time". Oil on canvas, cm 250x200. Cycle of works of art exhibited in the art gallery "Leonardo Arte", Rome.

1985 He exhibited the pictorial cycle "The Garden of the delightes" in the "Il Bulino" Studio in Modena and in the art galleries: "Il Triangolo" of Cremona, "Kuperion" of Merano (BZ), "Locus Salus" in Gioia del Colle (BA), "Bevilacqua" in Padua, "San Marco" in Bassano del Grappa (VI). Elda Fezzi underlined in "The News of Art": "The Garden of the delights" both mysterious in the figurations and extended, dilated, expansive as a flow of painting, as a fluid and undone drawing, that first of all wants to declare the most wide and happy gestural liberty. The painter attracts the attention, more than on the forms and the meanings of the multiform representation of mythical and mythological images of Eden, or of Curtensi's delights, of "Concerts" and amorous secret meetings, on his way of painting, on impulsive and rapid characteristics of a graphic "ductus" that, mixed to a changing colour sketch, extends and slides away together with the figural shadows that remained curdled. You know, also in this painting he doesn't want to tie himself to precise dictates of contemporary schools any more, it comes into everything and everything becomes, when it becomes the expression of existence".
Franco was present at the "Arte fiera" of Bologna, the "Expo Arte" of Bari and the "Artexpo" of New York Coliseum.
"A maternity symbol of peace" is the medal that he realized for the 40th year of the Liberation of Modena (Catalogue published by C.I.F.R. of Reggio Emilia).
At the 11. of June his father Augusto died. His Studio became a Museum containing the most significative works of art: in wood, bronze and mixed techniques.

1986 In "The Faust" catalogue published by Leonardo Arte of Rome, Sergio Rispoli wrote: "In his Studio, in the mountains, the separation of the inner from the exterior is a more conceptual rather than physique delimitation...Here Franco Murer experimented the theatre, with the evolution of his characters and his legendary stories. And now, from about 2 years, all is mobilized to rebuild the undone stagings of the previous representations, the iconographic fragments that compose the plot of this last performance of painting, planned on the lesson of Goethe`s Faust. In these two years, Murer wandered around the steps of the "Prologue in the sky" and "The Night of Valpurga" and deferred, with different techniques and intensity, to turn the recalls and the cues into pictures originated from the lines of the poem".
At Professor Giuseppe Mazzariol`s invitation, the works of art of "The Faust" were exhibited in the "Department of history and Art Criticisms" at the University of studies of Venice, with a meeting and debate with the students of the course.
He prepared some one-man shows in these art galleries: "Petrofil Gallery" of Milan, "Chiostro di San Marco" of Florence, "Kuperion" of Merano (BZ), "Villa D'Este" of Tivoli, "Contini" of Mestre (VE) and "Athena Arte" of Rome.
The theatrical critic and dramatist Ugo Ronfani organized the art-exhibition of "The Faust" in the foyer of the National Theatre of Milan on the occasion of the theatrical performance, with Glauco Mauri`s critical essay and interpretation. The works of art exhibited were collected in a catalogue : "A Faust without Maledictions", with Ugo Ronfani and Dario Micacchi`s textes, published by Nuova Sentieri Editore.
At invitation of the collective "A View of the trends", in Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome, he took part in the shows "City of Camporello" of Marzara, "The Holy today" of San Martino di Lupari (PD),"The imaginary actual" of Leonardo Arte, Rome, "Visual Arts" of Longarone (BL), and in the "Arte Fiera" of Bologna, the "Expo Arte" of Bari and the "Fies'86" of Paris.
He designed the leaflets and the bills for the conventions organized by the Fisi of Venetia 1985-86.
For the town of Falcade he moulded a medallion struck in silver for the Dolomieux, prize which is awarded every year to culture and tourism personalities.

1986 - Rome.
Opening of the art-exhibition "A View of the trends", Castel Sant'Angelo. Franco with the critic Ennio Francia and the painter Tonino Caputo .
1986 - Falcade. - Opening of the Studio-Museum. Franco with the President of the Venetian Region Carlo Bernini and the Professor Giuseppe Mazzariol. 1986 - Venice. "Faust - Night of Valpurga", work of art exhibited at the art-exhibition of the University of Studies. Oil on canvas cm. 180x150.


1987 He prepared some one-man shows: in the Cultural Circle "The Sign" of Brindisi, "The Stall" of Bologna, the "Municipal Library" of Taormina, the "Leonardo Arte" of Pistoia, the "Ferry-boat 2" of Venice, the "Faro Arte" of Noci (TA), the "Kuperion" of Merano (BZ), the "Municipal Administration" of Cadoneghe (PD) and for the secondary school he realized a big mural dealing the themes of the rustic world, from witch the Community drew his origin, and tells allegorically the past of Cadoneghe (PD); town administration, Palace of Arts, Foggia. For the "World games of Light-athletics" in Rome in the new seat of the Olympic Stadium he exhibited works of art of big size about various athletics disciplines. Winner of the Under '35 competition (100 artists recommended by 100 critics), with the picture "A Faust without Maledictions", recommended by Guido Perocco. "Arte Fiera" in Bologna. At the request of the Diocesan Museum of Venice he took part in the 3rd edition of the "National Biennial Exhibition of sacred art" (prize-winner). With the art gallery "Leonardo Arte" he took part in the "Expo Arte" of Bari and in the "Arte Fiera" of Bologna. For the actuality and culture monthly review "50&PIU'" he illustrated Luca Desiato`s short story "Mirko with blue eyes" ; he drew the book-cover of Maurizio Zanon`s "The narcisuss Men", Panda editions.

1988 He ordered some one-man shows in the Centre of Art Studies "The Image" of Lecce, the "Modern Art-Gallery" of Teramo, the "Municipal Casinò" of San Remo (IM), the "Galerie du Théatre"of Guinevere, where he presented "The Night of Valpurga" of Goethe`s Faust. Sergio Rispoli (from the "Night of Valpurga" catalogue)..."Franco Murer evokes on scenaries of elegy the ephemeral apparitions that give life to the narration of the irreverent bet of the immortality of beauty. But when it appears, the beauty decomposes and mingles with the elements of the space, spreading into light-colour-waves on the matter of the forms, obliterating looks and smiles, allaying gestures and limbs; at last making recognisable through dangerous metamorphosis flatterer Fauns and other mysterious and sly presences of the woods and of the waters that sing about the places and the times from which you never return". He took part in the "Arte Fiera" of Bologna, the "Expo Arte" of Bari, the "Art Box" of Capri (MO); the "Arte in riviera" of Dolo (VE), the "Rotary International - Municipal Library" of Arese (MI), "The Poetics of the image in the Contemporary Art" Il Segno of Brindisi. The director and promoter of the Franciscan Modern-art Museum in Assisi (PG), Father Felice Rossetti, choose personally in the Sudio of Falcade the work of art "The Crucifixion" (oil on canvas, cm. 150x120) for the Franciscan Museum. Franco Murer illustrated: Ugo Ronfani`s book "Gala Evening" ( Piovan Editor); Floriano Pellegrini`s book "The teen-agers' Story" ( Nuova Sentieri Editor); for the theatre review "Hystorio" Cesare Molinari`s "Who has killed Lady Ofelia?"; the binding for the "Medical Belluno" and for the "50&PIU'" review Maria Luisa Spaziani`s "The illusions of Nicomede".

1994 - Falcade.
Starting of the Tilman's Way at high altitude that ends in Asiago (VI). Portrait of the Major H.W.Tilman. (Medallion in bronze).
1987 - History of Cadoneghe (PD).
Secondary Schools. Acrylic on wall.

1990. - Feltre.
Presentation of the Prize.

1989 He prepared some one-man shows: in the "Albanese Arte" of Matera, the art gallery "Giordano", the art gallery "Contini" ( Municipal Administration of Oristano), and in the Sports Centre A. Corrassori, of Modena. In the rooms and in the stately cloister of the Art-centre St. Apollonia in Venice, Franco Murer presented the new cycle of pictorial works inspired to a biblical lyric short poem of "The Song of Songs". In the catalogue of this show Maurizio Zanon wrote: "Here, we don't speak directly about God, but about a passionate and mutual love between a boy and a girl that join and disappear themselves, look and find themselves: it is a very human love, but it is projected towards the Divine and changes, little by little, in the mystic love: Here's the last big secret! In fact in the 4th Poem of "The Song of Songs" the Spouse says: "I'm for my dear and my dear is for me; he pastures the flock among the lilies". (2,16).
For the art exhibition of "The Song of Songs" the critic Paolo Rizzi wrote: "Sensual joy, Pan-happiness around the eternal myth of the woman. The painting is turgid, dense and at the same time it elates, in a Romantic tone, with a symbolically sinuous movement. The woman inserts herself in an animistic conception of Nature, in which the strength of love pulsates".
He exhibited at the "Arte Roma", the collective art-exhibition "Petrofil Arte" in Milan, the "Arte Fiera" of Bologna, the "Expo Arte" of Bari, the art-exhibition "Ecological - A basket for the environment", St. Basso's Academy, Venice.

1990 He painted a "brocade", symbol of the "Palio" of Feltre (BL). Franca Visentin reviewed in the "Gazzetta": "His realization binds the author to create a series of drawings, sketches, oils exhibited in "Fondaco delle Biade". Near this testimony of sensible reading and interpretation of the sumptuous historical event, relived by the Town of Feltre, Franco Murer exhibits also a series of paintings that complete the character of his pictorial peculiarity, offering a precious key of reading of the inspiring motives that made it possible for the artist to express the historical data at full liberty of inspiration".
He prepared some one-man shows in: the art gallery "Arte Viva" of Latina; the Cultural Circle "Friends of Art", Marzabotto (BO); the "Tourist Palace", Montegrotto Terme (PD); the art gallery "Arte Viva" in San Benedetto del Tronto (AP); the " Sonvilla Palace", St. Anthony`s Church, San Daniele del Friuli (UD). The Agordina Mountain Community promoted one of his big art exhibitions of more than 100 works of arts "The history doesn't contain the before and the later", at the "Nof Filò" of Cencenighe Agordino (BL). The critic Enzo Di Martino presented the show and took care of the catalogue. He realized the etching of the "Montegrotto-Europe Prize for theatre" depicting the dramatist Vaclav Havel, the winner of the prize. For the review "Hystrio" he illustrated Leopoldo Triestes`s "The Capriccio in A minor". For the glasses Industry "Lumen", he studied and moulded the frames and experimented innovative styles and drawings. The Town council of Falcade entrusted to Murer the realization of the memorial bronze-portraits of Sandro Pertini (Caviola) and Tilman (Falcade). He took part in the National Manifestation "The Model for the Art" in Stresa. He agreed to the "Europe in Lighter", the cultural and gastronomic itinerary, painting the memento-plate. The 2nd Franco Murer`s monography came out. It was printed by Giorgio Mondadori and edited by Paolo Levi.

Painted Shoes
Cencenighe Agordino.
The Entrance of the art exhibition.
"The history doesn't contain the before and the later"
1990 - "The Song of Songs".
Oil on canvas, cm. 110x140.
1990. - Painted Shoes

1991 The Municipal Administration of Arsiè (BL) and The Mountain Community of Feltre invited him to exhibit the works of art of "The Faust" and "The Song of Songs" in the rooms of "The Leonardo Da Vinci" secondary school. From the catalogue of the art-exhibition "The struggle for memory" - Franca Visentin: "Franco Murer`s pictorial search penetrates and finds its interpretative strength not only in the emotional pushes and pulsions of intuition but also and above all in the researches among the classics` works...".
He took part in some one-man shows in: the "Operà" of Montebelluna (TV), the art gallery "Kuperion" of Merano (BZ), the "Arte Viva" in the Tourism Palace of Montegrotto Terme (PD), the art gallery "The Cloister" of Treviso, the "Modern Art gallery" of Teramo. He took part in the show "In honour of the Pope John XXIII", organized by the Municipal Administration of Merano (BZ). For the "Amelia-culture" Prize he made three lithographies with the support of the "International Graphic Centre" of Venice directed by Enzo Di Martino: he interpreted Nicolò Amato`s book entitled "Beyond the bars".
In collaboration with the Busato's art printing-house in Vicenza, Franco Murer`s volume "43 etchings and lithographies" was published.

1992 He prepared some one-man shows in: the art gallery "Arte Viva" of Vicenza; the art gallery "Meridiana" of Verona ( The editor Bubola&Naibo, took care of the art-exhibition and published the catalogue "Writings in painting" with critical texts by Nicola Miceli and Maurizio Zanon); "September in Brandolini's Villa" Solighetto (TV); "The meetings of the artists" in Trento; the Municipal Administration of Avezzano (AQ); "Art and/or photography" with the photographer Mario Vidor at the "Nof Filò" of Cencenighe Agordino (BL). In the prestigious seat of the Busato's art printing-house in Vicenza, he exhibited the cycle of works of art inspired by "Memoire", the visionary, lyric, and surreal Arthur Rimbaud`s poem. The presentation of this important appointment with Franco Murer's Art was given to Fernando Bandini, lecturer in arts at the University of Padua and Geneva. He also took care of the translation of the poem "Memoire" and of the critical text of the volume which accompanied the art exhibition. Salvatore Maugeri recensed it for "Il Giornale" of Vicenza: "The clear water, as the salt of the infantile tears..., Rimbaud started his "Memory" with this attack and Franco Murer imagines lying bodies of little girls and faces with locks, ruffled by the breeze, that hide obscure, mysterious looks."
He took part in the show of Contemporary Art "Castello di Torrechiara" (Parma) and in the art exhibition "A picture for Somalia", Municipal Administration of Calalzo di Cadore (BL). He moulded a sculpture, which recalled several Sports for "Sport's time 2" the annual prize awarded to the athletes that distinguished themselves in the various disciplines.

1993 Franco Murer is one of the Italian artists, which have contributed to the honours for the Bicentenary of Carlo Goldoni's death. He executed four lithographies "An Homage to Goldoni" in numbered edition 1/100 and hand-coloured. The lithographies were realized in collaboration with the Publishing-house Viviani and the theatre review "Hystrio", Ricordi publishing-house. The folder was offered to the President of the Republic, Oscar Luigi Scalfaro, and to the authorities that came to the Cini Foundation of Venice for the official opening of the "Goldonian" year. Andrea Pietri, the Culture Councillor of the Municipality of Modena and the President of "Emilia Romagna Theatre" wrote: "It is a curious and prepared public, who will receive this exhibition of Franco Murer`s works of art, witch he dedicated to Goldoni in the year of the Bicentenary of his death. It's right that the circles of the Storchi Theatre should accommodate these coloured creatures of fantasy, where they can revive in the audience's eyes but within call of a stage, the real house of characters born to embody themselves in the actors' Art".
The wide pictorial cycle is collected in the catalogue: "1973 Carlo Goldoni 1993" published by Bubola&Naibo with a Ugo Ronfani`s critical text.
It was exhibited in the "Small Theatre" of Catania", the Italian Centre of Studies in Zurich in the "Kantonsschule Ramibuhl" room at the same time with the theatrical performance of the "Paravento Theatre Company" of Locarno , Storchi Theatre, Modena. He ordered some one-man shows in the "Bottega del Quadro" of Feltre (BL), the "Eurocornice" of Piove di Sacco (PD), the Municipal Administration of Luco dei Marsi (AQ), the art gallery "Montmartre" of Parma, the art gallery "Ars Nova" of Spoleto (PG), the Municipal Administration of Coredo (TN), "The towers of Babel" with the photographer Mario Vidor , Foscolo Palace in Oderzo (TV), the art-centre "La Cornice" in Casal del Principe (CE).
He realized a work of art in bronze in occasion of the 2nd edition of the "Venetian Tourism Prize" organized by the homonymous publishing house in collaboration with the Tourism Councillorship of the Venetia Province.
He made the following drawings of Ugo Ranfanis` "A sand suit-case" (Monologue with scene voices) for the theatre and spectacle review, "Hystrio", Ricordi Editor. For the Community of "St. Francis Villa" in Facen of Pedavena (BL) he took part in the project "A signed Christmas Crib". He was present at the art-fair "Artists in Pordenone".
Edgardo Siroli, the director of the "Emilia Romagna Theatrical Centre" organized the itinerant show "Homage to Federico Garcìa Lorca". Franco Murer was present with the work of art "The wounds were burning as suns at five in the evening" oil on canvas, cm 130x140, at the varnishing-day in the "Residencia de Estudiantes" in Madrid where Garcìa Lorca`s sister Isabel was present.

1992 - Athlete of the Year Prize. Time of Sport 2. Sculpture in bronze.
Baveno. Major Lake.
Raffaele De Grada anf Franco Murer at "The Model for the Art" meeting.
1993. - Work of Art exhibited in the "The towers of Babel", Oderzo. We, Ponzio Pilato. Oil on canvas, cm 100x130.

1994 He presented several one-man shows in: the "Marzabotto Arte", in Marzabotto (BO), the art gallery "Lupo Arte" in Palermo, the Municipal Administration of Andalo (TN), the Municipal Administration of Coredo (TN), the art gallery "Tiziano" in Cortina D'Ampezzo (BL), the art gallery "Ducci" in Vittorio Veneto (TV), the "Pizzoni Palace" in Serravalle (TV), the Municipal Administration of Chies D'Alpago (BL), the "Palace of the Province" in Trento with the Master Remo Wolf, the "B.N.L.Telethon '94" in Trento. He exhibited the cycle "The Time of myth and memory" in the "Ducal Palace" of Sabionetta (MN) presented by Leandro Ventura and Filippo Di Forti. In the catalogue of the art-exhibition ("Il Bulino Editions", Modena) the Mayor Ernesto Cortellazzi..."Sabbioneta is a place of memory, art and mystery that knows how to stimulate always new creative suggestions: to the artists as well as to the common visitors. Franco Murer`s art exhibition, prepared in the "Ducal Palace" rooms and including works of art purposely painted on "the springs of Sabionetta", will help and urge the visitors to run through a myth again". For "The Holy Trinity" of Avezzano (AQ) he painted the " XIII Station for the Way of the Cross: Jesus Christ dead on the cross" at Monsignor Franco Michetti`s invitation, works of art collected in the catalogue "The Gospel of Passion", Marconi art-editions, Genoa, texts by Monsignor Franco Michetti, Prof. Leonello Farinacci. He took part in the collective art exhibition of contemporary artists at the Abbey in Follina (TV); 25 artists interpreted "The Nativity of Christ 2000 years later" with paintings of considerable dimensions, cm. 130x150 and collected in a catalogue with inscriptions by Angelo Arpa and the Prior. Francesco Polotto. He took part in the 2nd Contemporary Art exhibition "Artists in Pordenone".
In the review "Hystrio" the drawings were published with Ugo Ronfani`s text "The water, the dreams, concert for 2 voices and instrument" (from Gaston Bachelard`s "l'eau et les rèves of ").

1995 He presented a new expositive cycle "Between Science and Evanescence" collected in a catalogue by the editor "Bubola&Naibo" with a critical text by Enrica Angella and Piero Bongi, and with Janus and Paolo Rizzi`s testimonies. The works of art were presented in some seats: the "Carraresi's House" in Treviso, the art gallery "Tiziano" in Cortina D'Ampezzo (BL), the art gallery "Accademical Theatre" in Castelfranco Veneto (TV). During the summer, for the first time he exhibited in Austria (Seelfeld) in the expositive rooms of the Casino. He presented one-man shows in some art galleries: the "Scrimin Meetings" in Bassano del Grappa (VI), "The meeting of the Artists" in Trento, the polyfunctional centre with the photographer Mario Vidor in Soligo (TV). In the "Coat-of-arms Room" the direction of St. Vittore and Corona`s Sanctuary and the culture Assessorship of Feltre (BL), presented the volume about the two Martyrs. To enrich the work, Franco Murer`s drawings and Mario Vidor`s photos were exhibited during the show in "Fondaco delle Biade", co-ordinated by Amore Canton. He made the portrait of one of the participants in the National Manifestation "The Model for the Art" in Baveno on the Maggiore lake (NO). On the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the Liberation, he realized a colour lithography for the "A.N.P.I." of Belluno. For the coming out of Gianni Farinato`s book "Rebels for freedom" (Castaldi Editor) he realized the lithography on the subject of the concentration camps.

The Minister Carlo Tonioli, Ugo Ronfani and Franco Murer at the Montegrotto-Europe Prize of the theatre.
1993. - Sabbioneta. Ducal Palace.
Work of art exhibited at "The Time of myth and memory".
1994. - Sabbioneta. Ducal Palace. "The Time of myth and memory".
Oil on canvas cm. 100x130

1996 He presented one-man shows in the "Piccolomini castle" in Celano (AQ), the "Municipal Library" of Fondo (TN), "The meeting of the artists" in Trento, the "Civic Library" of Breganze (VI).
For the first time Franco Murer`s works of art were exhibited together with his father Augusto`s sculptures in the art gallery "The Aries" in Ponte San Pietro (BG); Antonella Zappa took care of the catalogue of the art exhibition "The Two Murer", with a Franco Batacchi`s critical text.
He took part in the show of the "recommended" painters of Belluno at the "Crepadona Palace" at the critic Antonio Zampieri`s invitation. For the 50 years of the UNICEF in the seat of the "three hundred's Palace" in Treviso, he was present with the work of art "The Kite" oil on canvas cm. 100x130, in the collective "The child: Hope for the future", co-ordinated by Renato Tasca. The Italian Railways and the Municipality of Belluno organized the art exhibition "Art in journey" in the seat of the railway station. He took part in the collective with the picture "The Leaving", oil on canvas cm. 100x130. The 2nd catalogue of Franco Murer's graphic was published. A Mario Vidor`s photographic testimony documented the various steps of the printing of an engraving in Franco Murer's Studio. In the catalogue were reproduced seven engravings and 39 lithograpies printed by the lithographer Giuliano Busato of Vicenza and hand-coloured by the author.

1997 The art gallery "The meeting of the Artists" of Trento organized the itinerant one-man show in the Municipalities of Trento: Lavarone, Folgaria,Pergine (Spinning-mill room), Mezzolombardo (ex-town hall) and Lavis (library). He prepared one-man shows in the art gallery "Marzabotto Arte" (BO), the "House of the wandering" in Pompei (NA), the art gallery "Petrofil Arte" in Milan, the art gallery "Bottega d'Arte" in Sacile (PN), the art gallery "La Piccola" in Avezzano (AQ) and at the same time with the Municipality of Avezzano and the culture Assessorship organized for the "Summer Events 1997" the art exhibition "The Temple of Nature" and "The magic flute" in the "Municipal gallery of modern art " of Modena; the art exhibition was accompanied by a catalogue with a critical text by Pia Flugenzi. The Municipality of Carpi (MO), in order to make the teen-agers appreciate the recovery of memory, invited 33 artists (among these also Franco Murer), to testify with a work of freedom and thought, in a place of abuses and pain such as the "Ex Campo Fossili" Foundation (1997-1999). He was present at the Show entitled "Homage to Federico Garcìa Lorca" co-ordinated by Amore Canton and presented by Prof.Mario Morales in the "Piazzoni Palace" in Seravalle (TV). He took part in the show "The comets" promoted by the "Portaperta" Association in the "Ognissanti" church of Feltre (BL).

1998 Augusto and Franco Murer, father and son, two artists jointed in a unique art exhibition with the title "Forms and colours", opened in the "Conference hall" of the "Union Lido" Holiday Centre of Cavallino (Venice). So wrote Franca Visentin in the newspaper "Autonomia Bellunese": "Augusto Murer was a master for his son Franco. A familiarity of signs and colours, but not only: the fascination of the powerful hands that dig the matter. An irrepressible need to follow the same ways. Yet the results are different. Different is Franco`s childhood and different is his way of referring to the world and to the culture of his period. (Catalogue with Mario Stefani`s presentation)".
Later on the show was presented in the rooms of the ex-slaughter-house "Murer in Riviera": Augusto Murer`s bronzes and Franco Murer`s pictures. It was promoted by the Culture Assessorschip, Municipality of Dolo (VE).
He took part in one-man shows in the art gallery of San Martino di Castrozza (TN), in the "Assessorship Palace", Municipal Administration of Cles (TN). The art gallery "The Pertrofil Arte" organized the art exhibitions in the expositive rooms of the "Atlantic and Holiday Inn" in Nizza (France). At the Art-Fair of Barcelona he presented "The magic flute" cycle . He took part in the show of art "Pope John's friends" Curno (BG), in the art exhibition of the nursing, "Magisterial Palace", organized by the Mothers` Association of Cittadella (PD). He realized for the "International Academy of Pathology Italian Division" the manifest and the cover of the report of the symposium of pulmonary pathology.

1999 In the newspaper "Il Gazettino" Dario Fontanive wrote: "A lot of people, particularly the Mayors of the "Valle del Biois" took part in the varnishing-day of the art exhibition "Time and Times" organized in the rooms of the elementary school of Canale d`Àgordo. A very important exhibition that presents together for the first time the two one-man shows of Giuliano De Rocco and Franco Murer, native painters of this valley". The show organized by the "Pro-Loco" and the Municipality of Canale d'Agordo (BL) was presented by the Prof. Paolo Tieto. He ordered some one-man shows in the Municipal Administrations of Trento: "Civic room" in Villazzano, "Civic room" in Povo, "Ex-town hall" in Mezzacorona and then in Teramo in the gallery of "Modern Art". The art gallery "Petrofil Arte" presented him at the "Beau Rivage" in Nice (France). He realized a mixed technique on cloth-paper cm.130x100 "The woman in our time represented by the Masters of contemporary painting". The artists` works of art of "The model for the Art" Festival were presented and exhibited in the Congress room of the hotel "La Conchiglia" and in the "Tourism Palace" of Riccione. He took part in the "Padua Art", "Genoa Art" - Italian Asta Lega against tumours. The art gallery Deni Art" of Rome presented him at the "Art-Fair" of Barcelona (Spain). It presented the works of art drawn from Federico Garcìa Lorca`s poem "Anxiety of statue".


1988 Catalogue: "Forms and colours" of the art exhibition of the "Union Lido" Holiday Centre of Cavallino (Venice).

1988. "The magic flute" Painting of Murer Franco, cm 70x100.

Franco in the studio with the Model Samantha.


2000 The art gallery "Pertrofil Arte" of Milan, exhibited in the seat in Tunisia Avenue the works of art collected in the catalogue "Figural Ghosts" (with texts by Mario Stefani and Franca Visentin) and organized for the Pontifical Sanctuary of Pompei an art exhibition that remembers the history of the Sanctuary on the 125th Anniversary of its foundation, inserted in the "Big Jubilee" of the year 2000. Franco Murer presented the work of art "St. Michael protector of the new Pompei". The art gallery "Titian" of Conegliano (TV) presented him at the "Expo Art" in Bari and in the "New Montalban Palace" seat and ordered the show "Poem in painting". [catalogue published by the art gallery "Titian" of Conegliano(TV) - Cortina d'Ampezzo (BL)]. The art gallery "Ghelfi" of Verona organized a one-man show at the Tettuccio thermal baths of Montecatini and the art gallery "The meeting of the Artists " of Trento organized in the rooms of the thermal baths of Rabbi (TN) the one-man show "Figural Ghosts". The 20. of August in Canale d'Agordo (BL) the monument as a memorial to the victims of the Nazi massacre in the "Valle del Biois" was unveiled at the presence of the Vice-Secretary Cesare De Piccoli. The work of art "The tree of memory" was realized in white cement, cm. 360x180.

2001-2002 The art gallery "The International Pertrofil Arte" of Milan, organized a series of art exhibitions in the Cote d'Azur (Nice)and the seats in Milan. He executed the twelve drawings of the Zodiac for the Peter Van Wood's horoscope for the monthly magazine of the Fenacom "50&PIU'". In the January number the writer Renato Minore wrote the critical preface of "In Murer`s signs the stars tell us". The "Giorgio Ghelfi Art editions" of Verona published a new Franco Murer`s catalogue, with the introduction written by Camilla Ferro and Silvino Gonzato, presenting the works of art exhibited in the seat of Montecatini Terme (PT). He took part in the "Expo Arte" in Bari, and together with the "Modern Art-Gallery" of Teramo, he took part in the show of Venetian artists "The horse in art", in the editions of the years 2001 and 2002 in Abano Terme (PD). In August The Municipal Administration of Arzachena organized the show "Eroticism and Myth" in the "Piazzetta Rosa" of Porto Cervo Marina (SS). In Autumn, in the seat "Cral Breda -Fincantieri" of Marghera (VE), he exhibited the cycle "My Landscape". In December new works were proposed in the seat of the Modern Art galley in Teramo, opening in this way the itinerant show "the refuge, the landscape and the deep solitude". The works of art were collected in a catalogue with a critical text written by Gianmario Sgattoni, and exhibited in Recanati (MC), in the art gallery "The Broom", in the Municipality of L' Aquila in the "Nobles' Palace" and in the art-centre "Lo Scanno"; in the Cultural Centre of Avellino he presented "The Landing" with a critical intervention by Maurizio Vitiello and Stefania Marotti, who underlined: "Murer`s pictures represent all his desire to penetrate into the deep solitude which accompany our age. His women are of a refined beauty such as the ancient Minerva or the Nike of Samotracia that the artist reinterprets suffering, almost anguished for the human destiny. Nature has bright and harmonious colours as the landscape of the Dolomites, which is the background of his house in Venetia. Murer painted also the dove, the horses almost to want to forget the conflicts that nowadays, in the 3rd Millennium, torment the world, in order to pursue a flight towards the Infinite, the Eternal, the Peace".

Autumn 2002
Franco Murer in the studio in Falcade
with the fox

Franco Murer at work.
Summer 2002. Busche (BL)
Opening of the art exhibition. Frano with Canton Amore and Loris Santomaso.

2002 In Spring, the Municipality of Marcon, the culture Assessorship, supported by the District of Venice, received in the new cultural centre "Fabrizio De Andrè", "The two Murer, Augusto-The Form, Franco-The Magic Flute". The art critic Paolo Rizzi described the two Murer, father and son: "He, Augusto by now historical sculptor: the son Franco stands by his side. At least until 1985, when the father died at the age of sixty-tree years. From then Franco Murer takes his way, gaining personality. Now in the new comfortable cultural centre "De Andrè" of Marcon (VE) the two are together. We find a lot of the beautiful well-known Augusto`s sculptures (in wood and bronze) and on the walls the pictures of the cycle "The Magic Flute". Inspired by Mozart, Murer junior (Falcade 1952) has more and more accentuated his vein between the classic and the romantic, with a graphic and chromatic delicacy of excellent level. In the catalogue, the Culture Councillor Anna Maira Bellio defined precisely: "With this art exhibition dedicated to the two Murer - the father Augusto, sculptor, the son Franco, painter - ends with the journey of the opening of our new Cultural Centre entitled to Fabrizio De Andrè. Taht's emotion again".
"Murer on the shores of the lake", is the artist`s one-man show that starts the 11th Festival organized by the "Pro-Loco" of Busche and the Municipality of Cesiomaggiore (BL). During the presentation Loris Santomaso underlined: "..I like to point out, as a fact of great importance, his re-assimilation of the ancestral tie from which he draws nourishment in order to give a form to his inspiration. And rightly Franco is not ashamed to confess a tormenting and intimate regret and also a sorrowful "refusal and not forgiveness for my father`s death" that has suddenly interrupted -as he writes- a complicity of dialogues, experiences, emotions, phrases, questions, answers". Franco, as his father Augusto, did a productive and incessant expressive search in all the fields of figurative arts, which he uses as a communication instrument, maybe the most effective and certainly the most long-lasting, in order to enter into the man and society`s mind and to lay in them the seeds of brotherhood, love and justice". The Municipality of Nereto and the culture Councillorship of Teramo, together with the house of culture "Carlo Levi" of Teramo, presented Franco Murer's one-man show in the "Salvador Allende" room and at the same time the house of culture "Carlo Levi" of Teramo organized the Alexie, Buffagni and Murer`s collective art exhibition in St. Agostino`s church in Tortoreto Alto. In Vipiteno (BZ) Sabine Reitmeier and the culture Councillor Martin Albert, presented Franco Murer`s one-man show "Die Zauberflöte" ("The magic flute" ) in occasion of the "X Edition of the seminary and the International flutes competition" in the municipal theatre. The prestigious Canadian weekly magazine "Tandem" reserved the cover of the number 224 of August, "Visionary Murer's". Inside the long article there were Augusto`s sculptures and Franco`s paintings with a text written by the journalist Angela Baldassarre. For the Competition 2002 "50&PIU' Prose, Poetry, Painting and Photography " Franco Murer made the work of art dedicated to the Prize. Luciano Luisi annotated in the text of the presentation in the review of the Fenacom: "He proposes a figurative composition which is stuck to his fantastic world: in foreground "his" laying woman (and here is an auspicious Muse). For the painting-manifest of the XX Competition which will accompany as a recognition the signalling of the prizes. Murer rendered more soft his palette and proposed us a figurative composition in which we can find some recurrent images of his world".

Inaugurazione a Milano
Copertina libro
2003 - "La necessità del sogno"
(La leggerezza dell'anima)
(The necessity of the dream -
The lightness of the soul)
The new pictorial exhibition to the Gallery Libreria Rizzoli of Milan and attended by Ursula Petrone.
Franco Murer moulded the memorial medal for the 25th anniversary of Pope Giovanni Paolo I` s election.
2003 - The cover of the book
"Alpini trevigiani nella resistenza"
for the A.N.P.I. of Treviso.

2003 "La necessità del sogno" (The necessity of the dream) (La leggerezza dell`anima - The lightness of the soul) was the new pictorial exhibition that Murer brought to Milan to the Gallery Libreria Rizzoli, it was supported by the district of Milan and attended by Ursula Petrone. In the catalogue, Giorgio Falossi wrote: "It`s the dream of the mind, that flows on the painting. In fact Franco Murer seems to want to underline the importance of the thought over the form, of the dream over the reality, of poetry over each kind of constraint. These thoughts return with the painting. Dreams and poetry take the form of the reality."...
Franco Murer moulded the memorial medal for the 25th anniversary of Pope Giovanni Paolo I` s election. The gold- and silver-struck medal represents the bell-tower of Canale d`Agordo, the Pope Luciani, St. Peter`s dome in Rome and on the back the papal coat-of-arms.
He made the drawing for the postmark: 26. of August 2003, the day of Pope Luciani`s election.
In August, Franco Murer presented the work "Le voci della montagna" (The voices of the mountain) at the exhibition "I colori del Pelmo" (The colours of Mount Pelmo) in San Vito di Cadore (BL).
In Acqui Terme he took part in the 27th edition of "The woman of our age", represented by the masters of the contemporary painting.
The Petrofil Arte organized in Villefranche-Sur-Mer the exhibition "Pentres italiens sur la Côte d`Azur, Charme et suggestion: Franco Murer, Italo Salamon, Giuseppe Tomasoni". The art critic Paul Tomatis said: "Franco Murer dans un récital du cœur en ayant recors à des images précises qu'il puise dans ses souvenirs et son érudition, investi une signification sémantique dans un vocabulaire pictural pour mieux articuler l'image qu'il veut nous communiquer, au point qu'il arrive 'a nous faire voir' la beauté invisible de la musique". …
Franco Murer made the cover of the competitions-calendar and note-book 2003 for the Venetian FISI Committee. For the A.N.P.I. of Treviso he drew the cover of the book "Alpini of Treviso during the Resistance".

2004 - Franco Murer in the studio in Falcade, moulded a pin in Plasticine.
2004 - Franco Murer in the studio in Falcade, at work.
October 2004
Franco in Bellamonte (TN).

2004 In February, Augusto and Franco Murer`s pictorial works and sculptures were exhibited at the Town Hall of Rovereto in the "Iris Baldessari" rooms. The exhibition was presented by the master Renzo Francescotti and attended by "The Artists` Meeting-place" of Rovereto. The catalogue was published by the Emma Association with a critical text written by the poet Mario Stefani. In March, the review "50 & Più" of the Fenacom Confcommercio published nine Franco Murer`s pictorial images in the dossier edited by Teresa Carruba and Giovanna dell` Ongaro. For the National Winter Students Sport Games, Franco Murer realized the bill, the cover of the pamphlet, the card and the postmark. For the Italian Cross Country celebrities` biennial meeting it was realized the folder that accompanies Franco Murer`s lithography with a presentation by the Olympic champion Franco Nones. In May, at the art gallery "Del Borgo" in Vignola (MO), Franco Murer`s exhibition "L` arte in dialogo con l`eternitá" (The dialog between art and eternity) was presented with a critical talk by the master Emilio Contini.

Monumento alla Topolino
Monument of the
" Topolino-car"
in Caviola of Falcade.
Monument of the
" Topolino-car"
in Caviola of Falcade.
2004 - The bill for the National Winter Students Sport Games

In June, the first Italian monument for the "Topolino-car" was unveiled in Caviola (an hamlet of Falcade) in order to celebrate the 10 years of the "Topolino-car Friends` meeting". The work "Topolino A" was shaped by Franco Murer in high-relief and then moulded in bronze. In June, The House of Culture "Carlo Levi" of Teramo organized, at the gallery of the "Corte Comunale" of Formia, the collective of the following artists: Franco Murer, Luciana Manelli and Michele Zappino. From 1. of July until 30. of September, the gallery Libreria Rizzoli of Milan presented, with the co-operation of the Petrofil Arte, the new Franco Murer`s works in the "Beer Room". For the city of Giulianova (FE), he realized the bronze memorial portraits of Vincenzo Bindi and Riccardo Cerulli, two famous men of the history and the culture of Giulianova. The sculptures and the paintings were exhibited in the rooms of the primary school. The exhibition was supported by the district of Teramo, the commune of Terranova and the House of Culture "Carlo Levi". Franco Murer took part in the collective "I monti e il cielo. Itinerario paesaggistico tra Civetta e Marmolada" (The mountains and the sky. Itinerary through the landscape between the Mount Civetta and the Mount Marmolada) in Caprile (BL) with the work "Il monte Civetta" (The Mount Civetta), oil on canvas cm. 100 x 190. He made one-man shows at the art gallery "La Ginestra" of Recanati and at the "Artists` Meeting-place" of Trento; he exhibited a series of black-and-white works.

Ritocco cere in fonderia
2004 - Plaster Statue
Franco Murer at work
Vincenzo Bindi and
Riccardo Cerulli
Biographical notes

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